Inmocomputer Plus – Real Estate Software

InmoComputer Plus is a software program that enables real estate agencies to manage all their properties, customers, owners, sales people, appointments, phone calls and contracts, etc.

With your portfolio of properties organised, you can ensure proper follow-up with all your customers.

Very intuitive and user-friendly management software.

There is no need to have knowledge of computers. The options are grouped together into menus so that the program is easy to use and the main icons simplify the management of the real estate business.

With just one click you can see the list of properties, add properties or customers or generate display cards for the shop window.

* The real estate management software enables terminology to be modified, so there is no problem if your city/country uses different terms to those shown in the program.

They can be easily changed and totally customised to your location. You can consult us at no additional charge for a very simple explanation of how to modify the program terminology.

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Please note: If using Windows Vista, you will need to save the application to the computer and then click on the right button to execute as administrator. If this procedure is not followed, the libraries may not be correctly installed in the operating system.

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